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VidMate is the Fast downloader App for android. Vidmate is a complete video downloader as it supports video download from Youtube, Facebook, whatsapp, tiktok etc.

VidMate Apk

Vidmate Apk is the world’s most popular multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader & converter and also an excellent player. This music downloader and converter access its users to thousands of streaming sites like YouTube, YT, Facebook, TikTok, Vevo, and many more completely free. It is an excellent downloader and converter application the users of this apk can stream any movie, music, HD videos, and TV series in full HD format on their Android devices and it is free of cost there is no need to pay any single penny. When a user uses this Vidmate Apk then he/she can download unlimited watermark-free videos and music from a lot of sites free of cost users can watch and download it anywhere and anytime. Users can download stuff even if their phone or device is not connected to the internet it will provide and facilitate users with so many formats like MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, 360P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K. Compared to other applications users can just download and watch videos and music but users of Vidmate apk can also watch TV shows due to its stunning features.


User Interface
User Interface
Quality Resolution
Quality Resolution
Download Videos
Download Videos
MP3 Download
MP3 Download
TV Serials Available
TV Serials Available

Download Youtube Videos

Videos can be downloaded fom vidmate apk by using social medias like Facebook, Pikashow, or Instagram videos. Through vidmate apk users can download videos from all kinds of social media apps. This is fabulous because you can download any youtube video in a short while time.

Download Youtube Videos

Search Video Sites

The Vidmate apk also has a search function. This is amazing because when you search for video websites, people find the exact websites they want to visit. With the search function, you can look for a wide variety of songs, videos, and other content.

Search Video Sites

Quick Downloading

Vidmate apk's greatest benefit is that it allows users to watch videos and listen to music offline. While many social media applications download slowly, Vidmate apk users download videos and images at a very fast rate. This is one of Vidmate Apk's most amazing features.

Quick Downloading


1 Do we have to pay some fee in order to download and use Vidmate apk?
No, Vidmate apk is totally free of cost for all users, users can easily freely download from here our website there are no hidden charges on it.
2 Is it safe to use Vidmate Apk?
Yes, it is absolutely safe there are no viruses or malware on this app it is secure from all kinfd of viruses according to CM security.
3 Can we Download Vidmate apk on IOS and PC?
No, it is not possible it is only available for Android users only Android users can download and use in their phones.

Vidmate is the world’s most favorite and popular application it is an HD platform for video, movie, drama, and music downloaders. With the help of Vidmate Apk, we can download or save the status of any contacts usually, we use WhatsApp and experience a funny, informational status in contacts we like the most and want to save on our device but the status automatically disappears after 1 day then this apk help us to save and download the status easily in our device. The other enchanting feature of this app is you can download high-quality music videos

in your format, if you want to download the video in audio format then you can easily convert that video into mp3 format. Users of this apk can enjoy and watch movies and shows and they can download videos offline use. When users click on the download button the downloading process starts but users have the option to pause and resume the downloading process at any point. It has countless audio resources and a high downloading speed this feature makes it popular among users. Vidmate Apk is an up-to-date application and we provide the latest version of Vidmate Apk on our website here.The downloading application users can just download and watch videos and music but users of Vidmate apk can also watch TV shows.

Feature Of Vidmate 2024

Save Images from social media

Now a days, a lot of people use social media and worry about how to preserve the photographs and videos however, with Vidmate Apk users can now save and download photos and videos of status like whatsapp status in your contacts keep on whatsapp status and you like the most. This way is really simple to obtain high-resolution pictures and this is most striking features of Vidmate Apk.

Make Custom Music Lists

An amzing feature that Vidmate apk users can take advantage of is the ability to make custom music lists, a lot of individuals enjoy compiling a list of their favorite songs so they may download any music from the Vidmate apk, an amazing programme.

Convert Video Song To Audio

A lot of the people like and enjoy music in mp3 or audio format and fpor this purpose they compile list of music in mp3 but some times it is not possible for them to compile their list because some of the stuff available in video songs, now it is possible on this platform you can convert videos into audios songs. Fortunately, Vidmate Apk has provided a solution to this issue here users can download video songs in Mp3 format effortlessly. This is one of the best feature of Vidmate Apk you are free to make a list of your own selections.

Download Anything in High Resolution

People use a variety of programmes to download images and videos from social media, but the issue is that they are unable to do it in High Resolution. Vidmate apk provides a solution to this issue. Users can download any video or photo in extremely high definition from the Vidmate app. Vidmate apk is now the most sophisticated programme ever created thanks to this amazing feature.

The wide range of supported websites

There are numerous apps that only link to a small number of approved websites. However, there is a wide range of supported websites in the Vidmate apk. 

Lucky Patcher

Stop and resume Downloading

On many apps users once click the download button then they can not stop or pause it but in Vidmate apk users can pause and resume videos, pictures, and songs downloads. Vidmate apk has very amazing feature like pause or resume downloading feature users can use this fabulous feature at a certain point it is very useful nowadays.

Up-to-date Application

There are many applications on the internet where users can do not find any kind of new updates so the users get bored with such kinds of the un-updated app but on videmate apk users enjoy the outstanding feature and the most important feature is that users do not need to worry about updates, the developers of this application give updates to this app on regular basis this is also very good feature because it makes this application interesting.

Language Selection

Users can select from over 18 languages supported by the Vidmate app and utilise these excellent applications in any of the supported languages. The languages spoken therein include Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and many more. This is incredible since everyone may use this application and take use of all its wonderful features, regardless of their location.

TV Serials Available

There are a wide range of apps available on internet where users can download music either audio or video online or offline but sometimes they can not watch tv shows offline but Vidmate apk provide this opportunity you can enjoy yiur favorite tv show online and offline both,

View International Shows and Movies

Most of the application providing facility that their users can enjoy only national stuff like movies, tv shows, serials etc but Vidmate Apk give an amazing and stunning feature that their users can enjoy online/offline and watch both national and international shows and movies that are like Korean, Japanese, and many more. So, this feature is really very mind-blowing because such kinds of features and facilities in single application is very blessing. Even, users can watch and enjoy foreign dramas and tv shows online enjoy and spend their leisure time with such outstandig applications.

Safe Application

Many application on the internet will help you to download music and videos but these all apps are not safe and sound they may leak your data but vidmate apk is totally safe application because this is to date app and the developer make this app honestly its rating shows.

Download Items from Background

The vodmate apk has an excellent feature or function like the fact is that there are large number of apps available on internet users can enable these apps and download images, videos, shows etc but these all have traditional features and limited features but our Vidmate apk provides alot of new features in free of cost. It implies that you can utilise various apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Cappuccino, and many more, once you click the download button and the item begins to download. This is the kind of Vidmate apk function that draws in a sizable user base for this kind of programme.

Different Media Sources

A wide range of media resources are available tto Vidmate apk users it has a wide range of videos are available for free viewing by users users can even download them to view them offline and this is the most amazing features of vidmate apk.


The most widely used multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader and converter in the world, Vidmate Apk is also a top-notch player.With the help of this free audio downloader and converter, users can access thousands of streaming websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Vevo, tiktok, and many more.Vidmate Apk offers a wide range of formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, 360P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K.With Vidmate Apk, users may download high-resolution versions of any song or movie from any platform.The ability to lock downloaded movies, music, TV series, and videos makes Vidmate Apk stand out from other apps and attract more users.We advise you to download and utilise Vidmate Apk if you enjoy viewing movies, TV shows, and music while also enjoying music. Vidmate Apk is a totally unique programme for downloading videos.